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Community Workshops


Caroline runs community workshops which are tailored to a range of participants. These include:

• Continued Professional Development in Dance Movement Psychotherapy and Ecopsychology. These workshops offer professionals an opportunity to reflect on the relational body as it enables us to attune to each other and to our environment. We work with sensation, instinct and creativity to integrate the experiencing body and the perceiving mind. We can listen and we can be heard through the body, which is the site of our sentient experience and is fundamental to the renewal of mind. We spend time both in doors an out, exploring our relationship with each other and the wider environmental community. 

• Learning Disability. Caroline has over 20 years experience of working with children and adults with learning disabilities. Caroline works with movement and dance to evolve creative environments and inclusive community settings which are responsive to difference and diversity. Communities meet our need to belong and to connect, offering opportunities to share, to find inspiration and to strengthen our resilience. As we meet with diversity in community, we rediscover new dimensions in ourselves and each other. As we open to diversity, we meet a universal yearning to belong. 

• Parents/Carers and Pre-School Children. Caroline offers workshops in which parents/carers and pre-school children can move and play together. Using movement and music, songs and stories and a range of props, sessions follow a clear structure which Caroline has evolved over many years. This framework provides a safe containing space in which adults and children can discover creative ways of being together, within the wider community of the group. Caroline welcomes a diverse range of needs.       

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