16th November 2020:  On learning from a woodlouse: the process of becoming in a world in which all matter matters. An online presentation at The International Mental Health Festival. ​




10th October 2020: Dance as a vital art; in therapy and in life. An online presentation st the AGM for the  Association for the Creative Arts Therapies (IACAT) https://www.iacat.ie 

1st August 2020: Becoming-Tree: an online international dance performance bringing together 25 artists from around the world. See: be-coming-tree

2nd June 2020: Learning disability imagined differently: A Conversation with Caroline Frizell. An online presentation and seminar for the organisation 'icandance' see: https://icandance.org.uk

8th November 2019: An evaluation of the interventions utilised by the TCES Group Socio-Educational and Therapeutic Milieu model of working with Children and Young People with co-morbid Social, Emotional and Mental Health needs and/or Autistic Spectrum Conditions. Presentation with David Woodger at the House of Commons, Westminster, for TCES: https://www.tces.org.uk